Weaving Prongs

Weaving Prongs

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Weaving Prongs 

Turn any frame into a Weaving Loom with these amazing Weaving Prongs!

Cleverly designed and created by Paige from Over and Under Weaving. The prongs are evenly spaced to create uniform warp threads and they are strong to ensure perfect tension! These have been shipped all the way from the USA and there is limited stock.

To create your own Framed Weaving Loom simply: 

1 - Purchase the Frame you want to use (a 1" or 2.5cm wide frame is recommended)

2 - Select the correct size Prongs needed to fit your frame (see size guide below)
3 - Remove the glass and all hardware from your frame and screw the Weaving Prongs onto the back of your frame at the top and bottom. (Screws are provided when you purchase your prongs) 

4 - Warp your frame exactly as you would a loom. Prongs are spaces 1/4' 6mm apart, you can warp every prong or every second prong. 

Frame Sizes
Required for
Portrait Orientation
Required for

Landscape Orientation
6 x 4 inches  Not recommended
6 inch prongs

8 x 10 inches 3 inch +
2 x 6 inch prongs
3 inch +
2 x 6 inch prongs

11 x 14 inches 4 x 6 inch prongs 3 inch + 
4 x 6 inch prongs

16 x 20 inches 6 x 6 inch prongs 3 inch +
 6 x 6 inch prongs

You can use these Weaving Prongs for Frames as large as you like!