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Lil' Luxe Cotton - 5mm Harbour Blue - 25 metres

Lil' Luxe De Luxe Macrame Cotton - 5mm Harbour Blue - 25 metres

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Lil' Luxe De Luxe Cotton - 5mm Harbour Blue - 25 metres

Each bundle of Lil' Luxe Macrame Cotton contains 25 metres of 5mm Luxe Cotton.

Luxe Cotton is a "single ply/single twist" string. A group of single high quality cotton  threads are gently twisted together to form one luxurious strand. It is the preferred choice of most Macrame Makers as it is soft on your hands, knots well and allows you to create lush fringes and tassels.

If you order more than 1 of the same colour and size, the cord will be left in one length for you e.g. 2 x 5mm Lil' Luxe = 1 x 50metres, 3 x 5mm Lil' Luxe = 1 x 75metres, 4 x 5mm Lil' Luxe = 1 x 100metres.