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Lil' Luxe Cloud 9 Cotton - 4mm Rust

Lil' Luxe Cloud 9 Macrame Cotton - 4mm Rust

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Lil' Luxe Cloud 9 Macrame Cotton - 4mm Rust

Cloud 9 Cotton is a luxury fibre designed with makers in mind. The fibres are longer and finer giving a higher level of quality. Cloud 9 is ethically manufactured using oeko tex dyes,

Each Lil' Luxe bundle of 4mm contains 34 metres (approx.120gms to 135gms) of 4mm Cloud 9 Cotton

If you order more than 1 of the same colour and size, the cord will be left in one length for you e.g. 2 x 4mm Lil' Luxe = 1 x 68 metres, 3 x 4mm Lil' Luxe = 1 x 102metres, 4 x 4mm Lil' Luxe = 1 x 136metres.