DIY Macrame Kit - Ivy Beginner Plant Hanger - Natural

DIY Macrame Kit - Ivy Beginner Plant Hanger

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If you have always wanted to learn Macrame but never tried any knotting before, this
is the perfect project for you.

This Beginner Ivy Plant Hanger Kit contains:

  • Step by Step Instructions on how to make your Wall Hanging;
  • Diagrams of all the Knots required;
  • Recycled Cotton Cord, measured and cut to the required lengths;
  • Soldered Metal Ring;
  • Boxed and ready to posted or given as a gift.

You are also welcome to contact me and I will do my best to help you finish your project!

Custom Kits can be made up for you in a range of other cords and colours. Just send me a message for more info.