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Timber Shelf - Dressed Pine 40cm x 19cm x 2cm

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Timber Shelf  L 40cm x W 19cm x H 2cm

Would you like to create some Macrame Shelves and just need the shelf?

These timber shelves are what I use to create my Maya Macrame Shelves. Each piece of Dressed Pine has been cut and sanded to a smooth finish. These are ready to use straight away.

Holes have been drilled, you can select from 4 or 8 Holes depending on your design. 

The shelf has been given a light coat of Timber Wax to protect it and offer a nice finish to the timber and then polished to remove any residue.

Please note due to the nature of timber, no two pieces of timber will be the same. You can turn the shelf over and choose the side you like best. 

These will be packed well to ensure the timber is not damaged through the post.