Bloom of 5mm De Luxe Cotton - Ice Flow

Bloom of 5mm De Luxe Cotton - Ice Flow

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Bloom of 5mm Single Ply Recycled Luxe Cotton - Ice Flow

The Ice Flow Bloom consists of:

25 Metres (approx.120gms) of 5mm Luxe Cotton - Ice Flow;
25 Metres (approx.120gms) of 5mm Luxe Cotton - Harbour Blue;
25 Metres (approx.120gms) of 5mm Luxe Cotton - Silver Cloud;
25 Metres (approx.120gms) of 5mm Luxe Cotton - Peppermint;
25 Metres (approx.120gms) of 5mm Luxe Cotton - Graphite Blue;
25 Metres (approx.120gms) of 5mm Luxe Cotton - Tuscan Sun;
25 Metres (approx.120gms) of 5mm Luxe Cotton - Skyway;
5 Metres of 3mm Silver Metallic Cord.
Approx 850gms of Cotton (180metres of Cord)

Use these cool colours to add accents to your natural projects or to make Rainbows, Feathers, Wall Hangings, Plant Hangers, Key Rings, Decorations or combine them all make to one colourful project. 

To make your own Rainbow Kit, just add some Cotton Rope in your preferred width. It is available by the metre in 10mm, 12mm, 16mm or 20mm here.

This is new and first quality stock, there are no joins or knots. These are "centre pull" cakes of cord, you simply pull the cord with the knot from the centre. This will prevent the cord from tangling and knotting as you use it.