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SALE - 4mm 3ply Cotton Rope - Tumeric

SALE - 4mm 3ply Cotton Rope - Tumeric

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SALE - 4mm 3ply Cotton Rope - Tumeric

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4mm 3ply Cotton Rope is my go to cord for Plant Hangers and with Mothers Day only a few months away...hint hint!  These 50metre cakes are just the right amount to make so many different styles of Macrame Plant Hangers.

3ply Cotton Rope the strongest and hardiest cord of all macrame cord so it is great for indoors or can handle being outdoors on a verandah. You can also pair these colours with Natural or Coloured Cotton Rope and create the perfect colourful combos to suit your decor. 

You are not limited to Plant Hangers, I also love using this cord to create Wall Hangings. I use this rope in quite a few of my beginner DIY Kits as it easy to knot with and holds it knots well. Its a good cord to try and to use if you are just starting out.

These are "centre pull cakes" Always pull the cord from the centre of the cake to prevent tangles.

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