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Medium Fibre Bundle - Karkalla

Medium Fibre Bundle - Karkalla

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Medium Fibre Bundle - Karkalla

A selection of Luxury Fibres for you to sample and add to your weaving and fibre projects. All fibres have been carefully sourced and curated to bring you a beautiful bundle to create with. Great to use in Weaves, Macraweaves or Rainbows. 

Included in this Karkalla bundle is:
Handspun Merino Art Yarn - Hot Pink Blend
Corriedale Art Yarn - Flouro Pink
Merino Art Yarn - Olive
Merino Art Yarn - Chartreuse
Cotton Frizz Ribbon - Chartreuse
Merino Roving – Flouro Pink
Merino Roving – Natural
8mm Luxe Cotton - Chartreuse
3mm Recycled Luxe Cotton - Olive
1mm Recycled Warp Cotton - Natural
Total Weight of the Karkalla Bundle is 300gms 

Why not add a Round Weaving Loom to your Bundle?

Small Looms are 19cm and Large Round Looms are 28.5cms.