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Scissors - Klasse Left Handed Scissors with Serrated Edge 210mm

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These are my favourite scissors to use to cut Macrame cord and to get those perfect fringes and now I can share a product made just for Left Handers!

These Scissors have a serrated edge which helps to cut through thicker items like Macrame cord in one cut, meaning less effort by you. Nothing like a good pair of sharp scissors, and the serrated edge also seems to keep them sharper for longer which I love. 
  • Heavy Duty Drop Forged Steel;
  • Double Plated Handles with Nickel and Chrome Finish for Life Long Protection;
  • Larger Grip Handle to comfortably fit three adult sized fingers;
  • Double Locking Adjustment. Blades and Tension can easily be adjusted using the screw and then locked into place with the locking nut;
  • Serrated Lower Blade takes hold of what you are cutting and prevents it from being squeezed out of the blades during the cutting process;
  • The Knife Edge Precision Sharpening on the Upper Blade allows incredible cutting power in one cut;
  • Lifetime Guarantee.